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University of the Cumberlands has remained steadfast in our dedication to academic excellence and makes an intentional effort to empower our students for success. To maintain this commitment, we must continually find sources for financial assistance in the form of outright gifts from alumni, friends, grants, and foundations to ensure the future of this type of assistance for our bright and promising students.

Together- We EMPOWER

“I want to help provide hope through educational opportunities that EMPOWER deserving students with great financial need to achieve their dreams of bright and promising futures.”

Give an Unrestricted Gift (GENERAL FUND)- Gifts given to our unrestricted fund enable us to meet a variety of needs for our students.  Your gift will support us in our mission to provide first class educational opportunities that promote student success. 

Give a Scholarship Gift- Over 99% of our students receives some type of financial aid to assist with educational expenses.  Your contribution to our scholarship program will help remove one less obstacle they must overcome to reach their dream.

Give a Workship Gift- The most wholesome type of financial assistance consists in helping the student to help himself.  Gifts for our workship program will benefit those students who are working diligently in the classroom as well as outside the classroom to achieve their dreams.                               

Make an everlasting impact by giving to educate servant leaders with the tools of a quality education and with the knowledge that comes from their service experiences. Help us share the most important lesson-- the greatest use of one’s life is to serve others.

48% of our freshman class are first generation college students.  Our mission is clear. We believe in the power of education to change not just a single life, but the lives of generations to follow.

Together- We EMPOWER

President's Discretionary Fund

So many of our students come to University of the Cumberlands with little in the way of spending money or family support.  Necessities such as dental/medical care, winter clothing, prescription medicine and other miscellaneous unexpected expenses can place extreme financial hurdles in the path of incredibly hardworking students.  Due to the physical and emotional stress these obstacles cause, students often must make tough decisions between staying in school or dropping out to work full-time to meet these critical needs.

The President’s Discretionary Fund is set up to help meet unforeseen, urgent needs of students that would hinder them from continuing school or put their well-being at risk.  Faculty and staff that work closely with the students may contact the President’s Office with issues that arise that need immediate attention.  This fund is an incredible outreach to students that aren’t looking for a handout, but need a hand up. 

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