Pre-Physician Assistant

UC's Biology Department offers students seeking pre-PA programs the curriculum necessary to pursue a physician assistant major before moving into a career in the field. Students currently comparing physician assistant degrees can benefit from the interdisciplinary curriculum at UC, which includes a rigorous course of study in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. After three years of undergraduate physician assistant program coursework, strong students may be able to apply to a Physician Assistant Studies program like UC’s dual degree program, which leads to both a B.S. and master’s degree after five years of study. Or students looking for pre-physician assistant programs may complete an undergraduate degree and then apply to the PA program at UC or one elsewhere.

Pre-Physician Assistant Curriculum

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology - Pre-Physician Assistant Emphasis

Pre-Prof: PrePA Curriculum

Required Core Courses (42 hours)

    Psychology Courses Requirements (3 hours)

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