There is no preferred major for admission to law school, but pre-law programs should be a top consideration for several reasons. Whether you major in pre-law or another program, you are advised to major in a discipline that you enjoy and that will equip you for the rigors of law school. The most popular pre-law majors in order of number of students who nationally annually apply to law school are Political Science, Business, English and History. The History and Political Science Department produces the largest number of law school applicants at UC, and its graduates have a 100 percent acceptance rate to law school over the last 22 years.

List of Students and Law School Acceptances

Record of Law School Admissions and Graduates
Fall 1989 -- Fall 2011
Cumberland College – University of the Cumberlands 

Statistics of accepted to Law School Since 1989
54 students Applied and 54 were accepted


  • Don Woods -- Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University 
  • Mike Lyons - University of Louisville 
  • Melissa Keith - University of Tennessee 
  • Tim Webb - University of Tennessee


  • Cheryl Cunagin - University of Kentucky 
  • Shannon (Harris) Sexton - University of North Carolina 
  • Robert Minton - University of Louisville 
  • Jonathan Laster - University of Georgia 


  • Larry Hornsby -- University of Kentucky
  • Danny Glover -- University of North Carolina
  • Debbie Campbell -- University of Louisville


  • Steve Perkins -- University of Louisville
  • *Jessica Williamson -- University of Detroit 


  • **Jennifer Kilgore - Roger Williams, Rhode Island 
  • Melissa Justice -- University of Kentucky


  • *Veronica Carmical -- University of Louisville
  • Tracie Boyd – University of Akron
  • Rose Fox -- University of Akron
  • Doug Oak -- University of Louisville
  • Melissa Rice -- University of Tennessee
  • Steve Roell -- Indiana University at Indianapolis


  • Bill Adkins -- Chase School of Law, Northern Kentucky University
  • Leslie Boozer -- University of Cincinnati
  • Lisa Dickens -- Roger Williams School of Law
  • Marla Hoskinson -- University of Akron
  • Robert Stephens, Jr. -- University of Louisville


  • Jeffrey Holloway — Law School of University of Nebraska 


To our knowledge, no one applied.


  • William Backer — Stetson School of Law
  • Jason Price — Regents University (Virginia Beach) 
  • Tim Robinson — University of Kentucky


  • Kim Brennenstuhl– Chase School of Law – NKU
  • Dawn Dunn – Appalachia School of Law


  • Sara Baker applied, will attend fall 2002


  • Sara Baker Mahan – University of Kentucky
  • Jeff Hill – University of Kentucky
  • Clay Wortham - University of Kentucky


To our knowledge, no one applied.


  • Brad Dobney – University of Akron
  • Ashley Honnell – (Minor) University of Akron
  • Justin Lowe (Minor) – University of Louisville
  • Chris Mills – Cooley School of Law
  • Chris Musgrave – Appalachian School of Law
  • Rebecca Shanks – Appalachian School of Law
  • Ashley Smith – Florida International
  • Megan Smith – University of Kentucky


  • John Blevins, University of Mississippi School of Law


  • Whitney Gooch – Appalachia School of Law


  • Ronnie Bowling – Chase Law School
  • Jordan Chitwood – Liberty Law School
  • Danny Lunsford – Appalachia School of Law
  • Josh Ward – Minor –Jones School of Law School, Faulkner University
  • Amanda Warford – University of Louisville


  • Joshua Lowe – Chase Law School, NKU
  • Philip Jones – Florida International


  • Jacob Moak  -- Accepted to UK, will begin in fall 2012, presently attaining Masters in Business
  • Jared Stafford – Regents University (Virginia Beach)


* Accepted but did not attend
** Accepted but postponed admission until 1995-96 year.

To be admitted to law school, one must successfully complete the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT). Regardless of your pre-law major, students who go on to law school need to have effective communication and critical-thinking skills. Moreover, students who pursue pre-law programs at UC should graduate with a basic understanding of our legal system and an appreciation for the values that support it. 

Whatever major may be pursued by the pre-law student, the following courses are highly recommended:

  • POLS 131 Introduction to Political Science (counts in the General Education Curriculum)
  • POLS 230 Introduction to Law and Legal Education 
  • POLS 233 American National Government (counts in the General Education Curriculum)

The campus Pre-Law Advisor as recognized by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), the body which produces the LSAT and handles all applications to law school, is Christopher Leskiw, Ph.D. in the History and Political Science Department. Dr. Leskiw can be reached at or by phone at 539-4301.