International Graduate Student Forms

Please remember to always use your UC Webmail Address when completing Student Forms.

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 For additional assistance on how to complete the CPT Application or Renewal, instructions are included in CPT/OPT information.


    • Student ID Request Form
      Your ID card is required to document your attendance at orientation, as well a future residency days. You will need to use your UC student email and password to request an ID card. 

    • F-2 Request Form 
      F-1 student requesting for a dependent please complete the F-2 request form and provide proper documentation.

    • CPT Application
      Application should be completed when requesting new Curricular Practical Training placement or a change in placement.

    • SSN Card Form
      Once a student has received a SSN, this form should be  completed to submit to the University. This is required for CPT participation.  

    • CPT Renewal
      To be completed prior to the start of the next semester for continued CPT participation. You must also be enrolled for the INTR course for the following semester for renewal. 

    • OPT Request 
      Request should be complete to obtain (pre or post completion) Optional Practical Training.  

    • OPT Employment Notification 
      Should be completed by OPT Participants as Notification of Employment   

    • EAD Card Form
      Once a student has received an EAD Card, this form should be completed to submit to the University. This is a required for OPT participation.

    • DMV Request Form
      DMV Letter Request for currently enrolled students.
    • Semester Break Request Form
      This form should be completed when a student is requesting to take a full semester off from their studies.

    • Good Standing Letter Request Form
      Good Standing Letter Request Form is for currently enrolled students only.

    • Process for Letter of Invitation
      To be used if you would like to invite your relatives to visit you in the U.S. 

    • H-1B Requests for Evidence
      Please use this information if you have a pending H1-B case and have received an RFE. 

    • H-1B RFE Response from UC

    • Travel Information
      Please refer to this information for assistance with travel-related questions and documents.