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If you’d like to develop the necessary skills for speaking, reading, and writing Spanish, Cumberlands offers a minor program in the language.


What Can I Do With This Degree?

Spanish and English are two of the world's languages with the largest number of speakers.  This means the possibilities are practically endless!  Here are just a few ideas:

1.  Teacher - certain areas of the United States continue to experience teacher shortages in foreign languages.
2.  Translator - you can do this full time, or you can pick it up on the side.
3.  Librarian or researcher - language skills are a huge asset to anyone looking at research-related careers.
4.  Law enforcement/national security - more and more police departments, as well as the FBI and CIA, need people who can communicate in more than one language.
5.  Diplomacy - just imagine, a career in Europe, Africa or South America.  You don't have to be an ambassador to play an important role.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose UC

one Faculty who care about students as individuals
two Faculty committed to effective teaching and student success
three Spanish honor societies, including competition for study abroad scholarships
four Access to language lab and other technology to work on listening and speaking skills
five Activities such as field trips, conversation tables, movie nights and more
six Placement tests for qualified students allow rapid progress toward major or minor
seven Commitment to teaching about all cultures where Spanish is spoken
eight Faculty who are highly qualified, fluent in one or more foreign languages and stay up-to-date in their fields
nine Summer study abroad
ten A diverse, open and supportive community of language learners.  We're all in this together