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Journalism Students

If you are interested in a career in any one of the almost limitless choices within the field of journalism or public relations, Cumberlands can offer you the opportunity to not only improve your verbal and writing skills but also to explore the many possibilities open to you in one of these exciting areas.

Cumberlands offers a major in journalism and public relations and a minor in journalism or in public relations. You will learn skills vital to success as a journalist or public relations professional as you study a wide variety of media related subjects, including print and on-line media, media law, design and advertising. Additionally, internship opportunities can provide the kind of experience that will prepare you to continue your studies in graduate school or enter the workforce in your chosen profession.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Our students learn about all aspects of human communication through a diverse series of classes including Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Mass Media, Introduction to Public Speaking, Interviewing, Small Group Communication, Communication Criticism and Communication Theory.  Students further refine their degree through elective hours in courses such as Introduction to Television Production, Argumentation and Debate, Television Journalism and Film History.

We also offer an Internship Program which allows students to earn credit for “real life” on-the-job training in radio, TV, public relations, and journalism.

Many students learn about broadcasting through participation with Channel 19, our campus television station.  Our campus radio station, WCCR, took to the airwaves in May.  Students can also sharpen their journalistic skills through participation with our campus newspaper, The Patriot.  We also have a very active program in intercollegiate Debate and Individual Events, with students competing at the state, regional and national level.  Our program is currently the top ranked program in the state of Kentucky.

Overall, our goal is to prepare students to become effective and ethically responsible communicators, who can design, express, interpret and evaluate messages in a variety of contexts, including social, political and career settings.  Many of our graduates find work in the fields of broadcasting, journalism, education, and business.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose UC

one Get hands-on learning that will successfully prepare you for a professional career in a media-related industry.
two Learn from qualified and experienced faculty members that want to see you accomplish your goals.
three Enjoy small classes, which provide meaningful interaction with professors and classmates.
four Become a more successful communicator by improving improve all of your communication skills, including speaking, listening, and writing.
five Learn about a wide variety of techniques and technologies that will help you to creatively tell stories that matter in today's society.
six Learn about a wide variety of techniques and technologies that will help you to creatively tell stories that matter in today's society.
seven Become involved with UCTV-19, our award-winning campus television station.
eight Contribute to our student newspaper, The Patriot, and have your work viewed by thousands of readers both on campus and around the world.
nine Experience the benefits of professional internships at newspapers, magazines, broadcast television stations, cable news channels, radio stations, public relations firms, and other institutions.
ten Obtain the research and writing skills needed for success in graduate school and/or the professional workplace.