Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program Clinical Coordinator

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Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program Clinical Coordinator
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Job Description: 

The Online Nurse Practitioner Program Clinical Coordinator will manage the clinical experience of the graduate Family Nurse Practitioner program. The candidate will report to the Nursing Program Director.


Job Responsibilities: The Online FamilyNurse PractitionerProgram Clinical Coordinator will have responsibilities in the following areas:


  • Leadership and direct oversight of the clinical learning experience

  • Maintain currency in clinical practice

  • Maintain licensure and national certification in Family Practice

  • Manage the Typhon system, review daily student clinical entries, provide feedback on all clinical entries, maintain and review student scheduling of clinical

  • Perform in-person site visits as required by the FNP program

  • Perform preceptor conference calls as required by the FNP program

  • Placement of students at clinical sites and attainment of affiliation agreements

  • Maintain academic responsibility for the supervision and evaluation of FNP students

  • Orientation of preceptors to program requirements and expectations for oversight and evaluation of FNP students

  • Evaluation of clinical sites, preceptors, and student achievement of clinical outcomes.

  • Participation in the oversight of curriculum and program development

  • Participate in the development, evaluation, and revision of the NP curriculum

  • Communicate with Nursing Program Director need for development of new curriculum when identified and revision of existing NP curriculum when need identified

  • Collaborate with the Nursing Program Director and Online FNP Program Coordinator in creating and maintaining an evaluation plan of FNP curriculum, monitoring of outcome data, and application of improvement and/or maintenance strategies to keep curriculum up to date and within accreditation guidelines

  • Review of existing/development of new Admissions policies

  • Assist the FNP Online Coordinator when needed or in the event of absence

  • Collaborate with the Nursing Program Director to develop and maintain an evaluation plan for the FNP program which must include at minimum: evaluation of courses at regularly scheduled intervals, evaluation of student progress through both didactic and clinical components, evaluation of students’ attainment of competencies throughout the program and cumulatively based on clinical observation of student competence, and measuring of student outcomes.

  • Participate in an all-encompassing formal FNP curriculum evaluation at minimum every five years

  • Assist with the achievement and maintenance of accreditation through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, KY Board of Nursing, and any other accrediting body that may be assigned to the program.

  • Additional administrative duties such as: documentation/handling of student complaints/grievances, recruitment of faculty, collaboration with the Nursing Program Director on an academic assessment plan including measures and reporting of data, promote the growth of the online FNP program

  • Collaborate with Nursing Program Director to maintain rigor and consistency with traditional programming in the online program.

  • Maintain a faculty course load of 3-6 credit hours each semester.

  • Collaborate with Nursing Program Director on reports and budget needs.

  • Complete any additional duties as assigned by theNursing Program Director.

Job Requirements: 

The candidate should:

  • Hold a Master of Science in Nursing, terminal degree preferred but not required

  • Hold national certification in the area of Family Practice and a current and unrestricted APRN license

  • Have a minimum of two years of experience as a certified Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Demonstrate a history of employee excellence.

  • Experience in marketing and supervision strongly preferred.

Commensurate with education and experience
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